Sigma Technology Clo2 is linked to a main partner, an industrialist specializing in the production of products that generate only chlorine dioxide. The production capacity is 7 tons every 4 minutes. The plant is located on 58,000 square metres of space and includes a team of more than 70 researchers dedicated to research for disinfection and treatments adapted to the food industry, pool water treatment and drinking water.

All our products are manufactured, controlled and delivered with the utmost care to our customers.

Our packaging was created to be used in all weather conditions

All our products are sold through our exclusive distribution network and our partners.


  • The action of the gas is: bactericide, fungicide, virucid, sporicide, algicide (it allows the effervescent to also control the biofilm).
  • SIGMA TECHNOLOGY CLO2 offers a modern, permanent, efficient and environmentally friendly solution. SIGMATECH produces powerful bactericids and virucids operating from 0.01 ppm. This eliminates both bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and controls biofilm and ensures disinfection of water, air and surfaces.
  • Our products serve the world of health effectively. In today's world, pathogens are more aggressive and resistant than they were 50 years ago. SIGMATECH products are an effective and proven line of defense against these aggressors.
  • Our SIGMATECH Tablets respond to a wide range of applications: decontamination, disinfection and sterilization for industry, military and civil sectors, including wastewater treatment, drinking water, swimming pools, the food industry, the oil industry, reverse osmosis, odor treatment, hospitals, agriculture, air purification and epidemic prevention. Destroys the Biofilm, Non-corrosive, Application for cooling towers
  • These tablets are easy to use, do not release environmentally hazardous waste (UV biodegradable) and do not require energy for their activation. In addition, their cost of investment and operation is low.