AGRIFOOD: (manufacturing and processing)

SIGMATECH CLO2 tablets disinfect equipment, premises, fluids and provide a working environment adapted to health rules.

SIGMATECH CLO2 is used in meat production processes (cuts, trays, carcasses, etc.), in order to evolve in perfect hygiene.

In the context of food disinfection, SIGMATECH CLO2 tablets allow effective treatment without harmful residues.

 TIAC: collective food poisoning

A TIAC is generally linked to the use of contaminated raw materials and / or non-compliance with hygiene measures and temperatures (breaking of the cold chain and heat) during the preparation of food, or the lack of control cross contaminations when handling food.


Practical and effective:

The chlorine dioxide generated by our SIGMATECH CLO2 tablets is effective in many applications. Whether for occasional or recurrent shock treatments,

SIGMATECH CLO2 eliminates pathogens in air, water and surfaces (see non-exhaustive list on request). In addition, the unique residual effect of SIGMATECH CLO2 chlorine dioxide prevents reinfection. The prevention and destruction of Staphylococcus aureus via the enterotoxins they synthesize, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Yersinia enterocolitica and enteric viruses, and Clostridium perfringens and Bacillus cereus bacteria, then become possible quickly and simply and without rinsing.

 SIGMATECH CLO2 is used: (disinfection, sterilization, etc.)

 This is an undeniable advantage of SIGMATECH CLO2 effervescent tablets that produce Clo² from which they come into contact with water; solution for injection by metering pumps and / or by spraying for the surfaces and volumes to be treated.

 SIGMATECH CLO2 tablets disinfect:

Equipment, premises, surfaces and volumes (preparation units, kitchens, storage, transport, vehicles, dining rooms, etc.).

Equipment, production lines, for washing work clothes and linen, local trash, cold rooms, etc.

Air conditioning, treatment of water pipes (avoid legionellosis), treatment of wastewater (pollution-free discharges and destruction of certain antibiotic molecules), etc., in order to evolve in perfect hygiene.

SIGMATECH CLO2 tablets provide efficient treatment without harmful residues and without rinsing, thus providing a safe and convenient working environment for staff.


Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Chlorine dioxide is very effective for cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables. Its properties recognized at very low concentrations to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi, and its residual effect protects several days against a re-contamination of fruits and vegetables

Here are some examples of use:
• Apples: control of bacteria (E.Coli and Listeria)
• Tomatoes, salads, asparagus, citrus fruits, etc ..: (E.Coli and Listeria)