Prevention and control: Cov Comparative Disinfection Solution


For the prevention and control of Cov, 84 disinfection solution (chlorine gas), 75% alcohol and one tablet of chlorine dioxide are recommended. 84 disinfection solutions and 75% alcohol are used a lot. The reason is that people know more about both disinfectants.

Chlorine dioxide was approved for the treatment of the anthrax virus in 911 and SARS in 2003. In fact, the ClO2 tablet is safer than the other 2 disinfectants. Why?


For the application:

Disinfection the hard surface (floors, walls, soles, carpets, etc..): mop/wipe/spray with 200 ppm of CLO2. The spray is 150 to 200 mL per square meter; ClO2 gas releases to environment to disinfect the air during the process. But the concentration is better to be 500 ppm to disinfect the surface which may contact by patient in the hospitals and clinics.

Treatment the rubbish: Spray or prepare a 2000 ppm of CLO2 in the waste bin, specially in the hospitals.

Fumigation (no people present): To fumigate the cloths in hospitals or rooms with a 8000 to 10000 ppm of CLO2. Example: 5 gram tablet in 50 mL of water for 5 square meters.