Solution for air disinfection


With our experience in the mastery of innovative and effective products in the disinfection of surfaces and water, our research center has developed a mineral product to disinfect the air that uses the benefits of chlorine dioxide (Clo2) easy to implement and can handle large volumes.

SIGMATECH AIR CLO2: in the form of zeolite (in Greek "boiling stone") in which the gas is available and will be diffused according to the degree of humidity and the need for disinfection.

Innovation is also in the capacity and duration of treatment


20 grams of product for about 50m3 of volume

The average time of action is about 2 months.

The presentation base is in a woven bag of 20 grams (other volumes are possible, contact us)

The use is very simple. Without need for measurement or control, the bag or bags are simply placed or suspended in the space to be treated.

It releases a quantity of chlorine dioxide according to the concentration of pollutants in the treated space. The more the treated space is contaminated, the greater the diffusion of the gas. When the treated space is decontaminated, the diffusion of the gas is reduced. Pollutants in the air stimulate the production of chlorine dioxide.